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Digital Marketing as a key to attract quality candidates and grow TCRA’s student base

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The Brief

The Court Reporting Academy leads an exciting new era of next generation court reporting professionals. The Academy embraces and supports all current and future skills for both stenographic, scopists, and digital court reporting related professions.

What’s ambitious about The Academy is their drive to educate and employ digital court reporting professionals, a goal that would completely transform the court reporting industry. The question is, how do you engage with today’s court reporting professionals?

The Challenge

Attracting scholarship candidates and enrolling students into a new online academy can be quite difficult. A part of this engagement requires increasing brand awareness. Our marketing experts understand the significance of brand awareness for a company like The Court Reporting Academy and how it’s crucial to get off the ground with a smart branding strategy. To develop a smart brand strategy, The Academy needed to create several marketing avenues to successfully increase their brand exposure.

The Solution

This was a unique opportunity for GrowMore to combine its skills in marketing as well as recruitment to discover students for The Court Reporting Academy. Our GrowMore Marketing team engaged with US-based legal platforms, launching email campaigns to gain interest from potential candidates. Our team held educational webinars, informing legal professionals about the digital court reporting industry and their opportunities in this career. We launched Google Ads and Meta Business Suite Ads campaigns to increase conversions, presenting full and partial scholarships for interested candidates.

The Impact

GrowMore prides itself for its multi-pronged marketing approach, and that’s exactly what we delivered to The Court Reporting Academy. We ambitiously launched multiple marketing campaigns, awarding 80 scholarships within 3 months of launching the Academy.

Our marketing strategy also significantly increased the Academy’s online web presence with a 68% increase in web traffic. The increase in online visibility and number of students enrolled in the Academy contributed to an increase in word of mouth and legitimized the Academy in their journey to educating the future professionals of the court reporting industry.


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