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The Brief

The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers provides education and certification for professionals engaged in digital reporting, transcribing, and associated roles. AAERT offers networking opportunities for its members and promotes public awareness about the value of digital reporting.

Public awareness is key, and AAERT hoped to revitalize its brand awareness strategy to find a new audience for membership, while also researching and identifying membership benefits to incentivize new members.

The Challenge

Finding new members for an association can be tough. The primary goal for AAERT was to increase membership and subsequently increase sponsorship and certification, requiring steadfast email marketing and social media engagement campaigns. Additionally, AAERT wished to incentivize membership by adding more benefits to membership, including financial benefits in the form of discounts. Determining a mutually beneficial discount for AAERT and its members demanded advanced marketing analytics.

The Solution

Growmore began its work by exploring and reaching out to different businesses across the USA, getting in touch with various companies (tech, education, insurance, etc.) to make AAERT’s membership benefits worth $2,000 discount. Our marketing team identified businesses willing to partner with AAERT and incentivize prospective AAERT members, offering new members exclusive discounts from companies like Lenovo, ODP Business Solutions, and Member Options.

The Impact

GrowMore’s marketing team successfully developed an incentive scheme for current and future members, allowing members to receive discounts worth $2,000. These incentivization created the base of potential expansion of future members by approximately 1,000 people, an exciting achievement in AAERT’s overall goal of growth.

AAERT’s incentive program leveled up the value of their association to any and all individuals in the court reporting industry. With email and social media marketing, as well as consumer insight reporting, GrowMore increased AAERT’s supporting base and developed proper engagement channels for AAERT to continue its membership expansion.


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