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The Brief

Since 2004, EuroMobile has distributed wholesale wireless equipment in Eastern Europe. Industrial Wi-Fi equipment and Wireless Serial Device Servers are just some of the amazing IT solutions this industry titan provides. With over 100 universal industry solutions for the IoT market, EuroMobile has to run a tight ship, and a tight ship requires a streamlined management platform. A wireless solutions company as massive as EuroMobile requires a top-of-the-line CRM software system that can handle its customers and employees.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, EuroMobile lacked an adequate project management platform. Communication took place on several platforms such as Skype and personal messenger and project management was conducted via Excel in an uncoordinated manner. EuroMobile was also experiencing a bottleneck situation of project delays and an overflow of work. So, part of their CRM needs included a task-tracking system for more transparency and efficiency.

Euromobile required an efficient CRM solution to address these concerns and better serve its customers and improve its employees’ workflow.

The Solution

GrowMore’s goal was to create a unified system for EuroMobile to complete tasks. What did we develop? Firstly, GrowMore implemented a web portal for customer service with seamless integration, which included customer service tickets. Secondly, GrowMore implemented a time-cost accounting system to maximize performance. Routine operational processes were fully automated, such as business trips, payments, staff accounting, and vacations — all of these integrations were an exciting shift to complete automation for EuroMobile.

The Impact

CRM implementation of this magnitude created outstanding results for EuroMobile and launched them into a new phase of growth. Customer service satisfaction increased significantly while employee performance tracking became a simple, sleek process. Most importantly, GrowMore’s CRM solution was launched before the COVID-19 Pandemic, which allowed EuroMobile to complete the transition to remote in a smooth manner. While other companies struggled to adapt to the remote shift, EuroMobile was ahead of the curve.

Thanks to our development team, GrowMore created a single corporate portal that brought EuroMobile to a new level as an IoT/M2M solutions provider.


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