A Cutting-Edge Retail CRM Solution for Nikora

The Brief

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in locally sourced produce. Nikora, with its 388 stores across the Republic of Georgia, is constantly trying to reach more people with its high-quality food. When Nikora approached GrowMore to devise a CRM solution to meet Nikora’s growing demand, GrowMore knew it needed to give customers a streamlined digital platform to interact with their local Nikora market.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a limited number of people allowed in the Nikora markets, creating long customer queues. With uncomfortable lines and increased demand for a delivery service, Nikora needed help to improve its customer experience.

Nikora also wished to develop an online tool for customers to choose their products for delivery. An online platform of this magnitude required advanced CRM knowledge and a diverse team of UI/UX and software developers to make Nikora’s dream a reality.

The Solution

GrowMore instantly began its work to create a CRM platform for Nikora’s customers. What exactly did GrowMore make? GrowMore developed an innovative, intelligent chatbot that provided a convenient digital shopping experience. The Nikora Chatbot, powered by Facebook’s ManyChat, offers over 3,000 products for customers to choose from, products that are constantly updated, so customers know what is and isn’t in stock.

The Impact

Long, uncomfortable queues for Nikora are a thing of the past. Nikora branches across the country quickly implemented GrowMore’s CRM platform. Customer satisfaction increased substantially because of Nikora Chatbot’s time-saving platform. That’s not all! By removing delivery apps and commission provisions, Nikora increased its annual savings with its in-house delivery service.

Thanks to GrowMore’s innovative development team, Nikora Chatbot has become the most advanced chatbot in the Georgian market and a model for retail CRM.


Products Offered


Nikora Branches Receiving Chatbot Orders


Savings Compared to Other Delivery Methods


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