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The Brief

For 39 years, Ritz-Carlton has offered luxurious travel in all corners of the world. With an unwavering philosophy of outstanding customer service, Ritz-Carlton constantly needs experienced employees to offer excellent service and maintain its stellar reputation. GrowMore had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Ritz-Carlton to handle their exciting new expansion into Saudi Arabia and discover the freshest talent for this expansion.

The Challenge

As the largest multinational hotel chain in the world, Ritz-Carlton is constantly expanding. When Ritz-Carlton decided to expand its hospitality to Saudi Arabia, Ritz-Carlton needed talented hospitality staff, including front-of-house personnel, restaurant staff, and sous chefs. This expansion required a staffing agency specialized in end-to-end recruitment and volume recruitment. Thankfully, GrowMore has a proven track record of completing volume recruitment in a swift manner while ensuring quality, hired talent.

The Solution

GrowMore Recruitment prides itself on its rigorous recruitment scheme. We implemented a custom talent pipeline workflow in our applicant tracking system, which included tailor-made pre-screening questions with videos to discover the most promising candidates. Our Talent Acquisition Experts completed several steps to ensure quality candidates, including behavioral competency assessments, technical testing, panel interviews, IQ/EQ assessments, and soft skills interaction simulations.

The Impact

GrowMore’s cross-function talent acquisition strategy yielded outstanding results. Our recruitment team engaged with the top 665 candidates out of 17 thousand applications and sent offer letters to the 109 chosen candidates. Ritz-Carlton grew its workforce with talented employees and met its regional expansion demands in record time.

As a result of this GrowMore’s recruitment initiative, we are consistently offered recruitment contracts across the World from businesses who have witnessed the recruitment solutions GrowMore is able to provide to clients like Ritz-Carlton.


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