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The Brief

Vesta, established in 2000, had all the qualities of a thriving business: excellent print services, diverse advertising products, and a clear mission for great customer relationships. All Vesta needed was a digital platform for its services and customer data to fulfill its mission of providing meaningful, long-term relationships with its customers.

The Challenge

Before partnering with GrowMore, Vesta possessed no software for customer management and communication nor a database to conduct market analysis. Vesta also wished to offer a delivery option to meet their customer’s growing demand for a digital shopping experience.

These digital demands created a growing issue of failing to meet customer expectations during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thus, part of GrowMore’s work was to combine innovative CRM solutions with speed while still maintaining quality.

The Solution

GrowMore developed and built a CRM software for communication and delivery. The delivery service met all its customers’ print needs, including the type of print, color, and more. GrowMore’s development team also included CRM components they knew customers would appreciate. For example, the delivery platform informed customers of the estimated delivery time, creating a streamlined digital shopping experience that improved Vesta’s overall digital image.

The Impact

Vesta’s communication with its customers, now digitalized, improved customer satisfaction and increased monthly sales. The delivery platform made the shopping process much easier for Vesta existing customers as well as new customers, but that’s not all.

Now, Vesta can analyze its data metrics and identify strong and weak points thanks to the sales database GrowMore created. Vesta can use its advanced marketing reports to inform their sales and lead generation, allowing Vesta to maintain a competitive edge in the advertising and print industry.


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